Transfer YOUR Domain to US

What is, why and when domain transfer is needed

Transferring a domain name is an electronic change of a domain from one registrar to another. The alternative of a domain transfer is re-pointing your domain's NS records. While many people just re-point their domain's NS records, there are many other that insist on transferring their domain names to the web hosting company where their web sites are hosted.

Why transferring your domain name? The main key point is that one company is responsible for your entire web presence. This saves time and efforts when working on your web site and business. By transferring your domain you will be able to manage all web site related stuff from one integrated Hosting Control Panel.

What you get by transferring your domain to us

  • Усовершенствованная Панель Управления - web integrated interface;
  • 1 year domain renewal - add one more year to your domain registration upon your transfer;
  • One company responsible - taking care of your web presence (saves time and efforts);
  • 24 / 7 Customer Support - contact our support team for domain related troubles at anytime;
  • Полный контроль DNS - change your domain's NS at anytime;
  • Full WHOIS Control - update your domain's WHOIS whenever there is a need to;
  • Управление EPP-ключами - get your EPP authorization key with just one click;
  • Управление блокировкой домена - protect your domain from unauthorized transfer theft;
  • Мультидоменные аккаунты - you can easily separate domains in single accounts;

Initiate Domain Transfer - Requirements:

Observe these rules for domain transfer eligibility:

  • Domain transfer is possible ONLY if you own this domain;
  • Domain should be already registered and not expired;
  • Domain should be over or 60 days old, but not less;
  • Domain should be unlocked (OK) from the current registrar;
  • EPP key, issued by the current registrar needed to transfer;
Панель управления

Domain Transfer Pricing

TLD Period Цена за год
.com 1 год £12.93£15.39€15.10€17.97$17.95$21.36
.net 1 год £13.24£15.76€15.40€18.33$17.95$21.36
.org 1 год £13.24£15.76€15.40€18.33$17.95$21.36
.biz 1 год £17.14£20.40€19.90€23.68$20.95$24.93
.info 1 год £15.31£18.22€16.80€19.99$19.95$23.74
.us 1 год £10.92£12.99€12.70€15.11$14.95$17.79
.me 1 год £19.96£23.75€23.40€27.85$25.95$30.88 2 лет £9.58£11.40€10.93€13.01$12.25$14.58 2 лет £9.58£11.40€10.93€13.01$12.25$14.58
.eu 1 год £11.46£13.64€13.16€15.66$14.95$17.79
.ca 1 год £15.51£18.46€17.96€21.37$19.95$23.74
.de 1 год £10.12£12.04€11.16€13.28$11.95$14.22
.tv 1 год £41.81£49.75€49.46€58.86$57.95$68.96
.mobi 1 год £17.09£20.34€19.80€23.56$22.00$26.18
.be 1 год £13.14£15.64€15.10€17.97$16.95$20.17
.cc 1 год £15.54£18.49€17.89€21.29$19.95$23.74
.tw 1 год £24.61£29.29€27.46€32.68$32.95$39.21
.co 1 год £25.75£30.64€27.50€32.73$32.95$39.21
.in 1 год £15.95£18.98€18.46€21.97$21.95$26.12
.uk 1 год £9.58£11.40€10.93€13.01$12.25$14.58
Все цены включают НДС.
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