Доменные службы и дополнительно

Domain Services

Хостинг европейского качества offers a variety of domain services. Various domain extensions are available for registration and transfer. Extensive rules and regulations are at your hand helping you to comply and prepare everything that is needed for some of the most restrictive top-level-domain extensions. For our clients safety we offer domain privacy protection services kindly hiding domain's whois private contact information from the public.

Domain Extras

Domain extras are additional specials and service opportunities you take advantage of when you register a domain name or transfer a domain to us. Sometimes we offer free domain registration or transfer within the web hosting plan you pay. Check on our compare plans page if such offers are available. Transferring a domain name over to us free, adds one year to the expiration date of your domain name. All these extras are part of our courtesy and client convenience line.
Усовершенствованная Панель Управления
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  • Управление блокировкой домена
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