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Партнёрская Программа

Are you a webmaster? Do you have a high traffic website? Monetize your traffic and earn one of the highest paying commissions in the industry. Our offer to you is 50% commission for every paid shared hosting, semi-dedicated hosting or VPS plan you refer to us.

That could be very easy because you are recommending our wonderful FREE hosting services and with this you will be getting a substantial amount of money when the referred FREE customers later on upgrade to a paid service.

Наши цены которые мы замучились делать являются одними из лучших в индустрии, так как наши партнеры могут предлагать большее количество бесплатного хостинга , который рано или поздно люди обновят, потому что на бесплатном хостинге есть ограничения.

Hurry, do not hesitate, and start earning now!


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Why are we better?

Because we set a lifetime affiliate cookie and even if the referred client does not purchase/ sign up straight away for our services but returns/upgrades later, you will still be credited with your commission for the sale you referred.


If you need any further help with our affiliate program in terms of affiliate control panel, when the commissions will be paid, how to effectively promote your affiliate links or any other related matter do not hesitate to contact us here.

Все цены включают НДС.
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